Respecting The Wilds Part 1: Hike to Help A Place Disgraced

CleanScapes cleanup event day activities are similar to planning and taking a hike onto an unfamiliar deep-woods pathway.

We journey away from civilization and into the woods because we revere and feel rejuvenated by traversing through the wilds of Pennsylvania. On excursion days, and depending upon the ruggedness of the places chosen, we frequently place ourselves in situations that challenge us physically and emotionally. (Yes, leveled cement walkways and steamrolled macadam roadways are practical, but not very exciting.) We seek out rutted dirt paths and mountainside trails knowing our pre-excursion plan strategies will always be met with unexpected deep-woods day experiences!

Again the unexpected is always expected and we sometimes seriously question ourselves when things go wrong, “Really? Why am I doing this?” It’s those moments that make trail day memories – the good and the regretful! But you carry on and complete the hike, you’re OK. In truth you feel good, you feel surprisingly intact and hopeful. Similar to the woodland trek experience, CleanScapes community cleanup volunteers sometimes walk into a situation they didn’t anticipate, but that’s OK. They’re a resilient and determined lot. Always moving forward, trash bag in hand, helping each other, creating goodness in the world.

On November 3rd, CleanScapes is planning to restore another wild place disgraced. The cleanup area length is over 300’ and 50+ volunteers could complete the site in 3 hours. (Click here for the event flyer.) There is household refuse streaming down a forested hillside and dumped tires sprouting from Stewards Run creek.

I hope community member resiliency and their power of spirit will muster up and help us again. We’ll hike through the forest and collect the stuff. Trash will be hauled to a landfill and tires trucked to a recycling plant. By working together we will restore the forested hillside and glen. Nature needs you and so do we.

Let us know that you can join the cleanup event by contacting to me at And to help us plan the event, registration is requested by 12 noon November 1.

See you in the wilds,


— — —

This article was written by Elisabeth Lynch McCoy, Clinton County CleanScapes  Project Director.


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