Cement Hollow Road cleanup volunteers - November 2018

2019: Looking Beyond CleanScapes’ Year of Relentless Rain

Featured photo depicts volunteers at the November 3, 2018, Piatt Township Cleanup event, courtesy of CleanScapes Advisory Board President Dr. John Reid. Planning 2018 spring, summer, and autumn outdoor community clean-up events was exceedingly challenging.  Week after week of unending springtime rainfall turned saturated sod into squishy mush, and wadable waterways became fast-moving, silt-laden flows … Continue reading 2019: Looking Beyond CleanScapes’ Year of Relentless Rain

Respecting The Wilds Part 1: Hike to Help A Place Disgraced

CleanScapes cleanup event day activities are similar to planning and taking a hike onto an unfamiliar deep-woods pathway. We journey away from civilization and into the woods because we revere and feel rejuvenated by traversing through the wilds of Pennsylvania. On excursion days, and depending upon the ruggedness of the places chosen, we frequently place … Continue reading Respecting The Wilds Part 1: Hike to Help A Place Disgraced

Lycoming County Ridge & Valley Homecoming

CleanScapes is the Clinton and Lycoming County affiliate member of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB). Between the years of 2010 through 2011, and as the CleanScapes project director, I was contracted by KPB to survey every public road in Clinton and the western portion of Lycoming County.  The eastern Lycoming County survey was performed by the … Continue reading Lycoming County Ridge & Valley Homecoming

Jack Russell Rangers: CleanScapes & Range Resources team up for first cleanup of 2018

On March 28, 2018, CleanScapes partnered with Range Resources to hold our first community cleanup of 2018. After weeks of planning, volunteer employees from Range Resources and CleanScapes Project Director Elisabeth Lynch McCoy met at the Memorial Park Public Pool parking lot in Mill Hall. They talked about safety and organized teams – and then broke off to begin the morning’s work. The task was to clean up unsightly litter from a 3-mile stretch of Fishing Creek and Route 64.

Understanding “It”: What We Do Vs. Why We Do It

On behalf of CleanScapes' mission, and for those who don’t yet understand “it” but who are trying to, our work may appear one dimensional.  There’s dumped trash and tires spoiling our public spaces and CleanScapes’ volunteers haul it out.  Yes, that’s what we do, but I feel duty-bound to clarify why our volunteers will stand … Continue reading Understanding “It”: What We Do Vs. Why We Do It