Save the dates: CleanScapes announces 2019 cleanup events

Spring is finally here, and CleanScapes is ready to get to work.

We’ll need your help!

The CleanScapes Advisory Board and Project Director Elisabeth Lynch McCoy recently met to discuss and approve dates for the first cleanup events of 2019.

Each year, the nonprofit strives to locate and clean up at least four sites over the course of spring, summer and fall.

So far, four dates have been set.  
  • March 31 – Fishing Creek Streambank & Roadside Cleanup (Clinton County) (Details here)
  • April 13 – Hepburn Street Exit & Levee Cleanup (Lycoming County)
  • April 27 – West Branch Susquehanna River Floodplain Cleanup (Clinton County)
  • July 27 – Bald Eagle Creek Cleanup (Clinton County)

Mark your calendars, and plan to participate in whatever way you can.

Volunteers are recruited to help with removing litter and debris, photographing the event, setting up, providing food, counting tires, and more.

You can learn more about the impact our volunteers have made and what a typical cleanup event is like here.

In addition to individual event articles being posted in “The Latest,” event updates and details will be provided here.

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard

Do you know of a site that needs a visit from CleanScapes?
Please report it to us! 
Your input helps us locate areas that need cleaned up.
Click here to complete our easy form.

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