Riansares Vista Cleanup Slated for May 7


Rising above the height of Hyner View, Bald Eagle State Forest’s Mount Riansares peak is approximately 2,320’ above sea level. Just below Riansares summit is one of Clinton County’s outstanding public vistas. The view faces north, overlooking East End Mountain Road farmlands and continues up to the forested ridges of Bald Eagle Mountain. Windless days the vista’s stillness is mysteriously peaceful until your eyes glance directly downward. Surrounding the overlook, litter scatters across the hillside’s stony outcrop.

The litter is unsightly, created by a few visitors. On May 7, PA DCNR’s Bald Eagle State Forest employees will join CleanScapes volunteers. Together they will collect the litter. In just a few hours, Mount Riansares vista will be restored to its rightful prominence. The cleanup will begin at 9:30am and will conclude with a complementary lunch prepared by the Twilight Diner at 12:30pm.

Volunteers are requested to register for the event by 12noon Thursday May 5. Meeting location, questions and to register contact CleanScapes at 570-726-3511 or clintoncountycleanscapes@yahoo.com.

Funding provided by the Clinton County Community Foundation and multi-year benefactors Brenda and Donald Lysle. Supplies provided by PennDot District 2, and the Clinton County Commissioners in cooperation with the Wayne Township Landfill.

Photos: Atop Riansares vista, Bald Eagle State Forest District Forester Matt Beaver discusses cleanup strategies with PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ equipment operator Dick Bailey, Recreational Forester Dale Ronk and CleanScapes Board member Mala Moore. Just below them the hillside is strewn with tossed trash. To clean up the litter they need caring community members to join the May 7 vista cleanup event. To learn more visit www.cleanscapes-ncpa.com, contact CleanScapes at 570.726.3511 or clintoncountycleanscapes@yahoo.com.

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