CleanScapes planning 5k hike/run celebration for 20th anniversary

CleanScapes 20th anniversary occurs in 2020, and next March we will celebrate by holding a multi-generational event that will include a 5K hike and run, milkweed seed dispersal activity, picnic-style luncheon buffet, and carrot cake competition followed by a cake auction!

What on earth are we thinking? Earth, that’s what we’re thinking and with funding already secured from the Clinton County Economic Partnership’s Visitors Bureau, we will celebrate it locally on the Bald Eagle Valley Trail.

Being known for our waterway cleanups and community revitalization projects, CleanScapes’ March event will celebrate past deeds well-done while seeding the trailside’s for greater things to come – butterflies, bees, and birds!

Starting this November we’re putting together an event planning team. The team will combine tried and true methods with fun and innovative approaches. Items to plan, but not limited to: selecting and building signs for seed dispersal locations, establishing carrot cake entrance rules and finding day of the event cake judges, seeking out a well-spoken yet entertaining auctioneer, photographers and/or video creators, roadway banner designer whose work will be fabricated and hung above Main Street in Lock Haven.

Sound appealing to you?

Write to us [] and express your interest in joining the Bald Eagle Valley Trail 5k Planning Team or let us know if you can help on the day of the event by October 25.

We’re in the initial planning stages now, but the tentative event date will be either March 21 or 28, 2020. Which date do you prefer? Let us know!

— — —

This article was written by Elisabeth Lynch McCoy, Clinton County CleanScapes  Project Director.

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