What do you think about litter in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, PennDOT and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful want to know what you think about the millions of pieces of litter along Pennsylvania roadways.

They’re currently conducting the “Pennsylvania Litter Behavior and Attitudes Survey,” designed to gauge Pennsylvanians’ attitudes toward litter and beliefs about littering behavior.

The survey will remain open until October 18, 2019.

In addition to this online survey, those involved in collecting data around Pennsylvanians’ feelings on this issue are also looking at observational research, conducting a phone survey, and evaluating the cost of litter cleanup via a statewide municipal survey.

The goal is to use information gleaned to develop a statewide strategy to reduce litter behavior and the enormous cost of litter cleanup in Pennsylvania.

Take the survey!

Share this survey with family, friends, or colleagues via email, social media, etc. to make an even bigger impact.

CleanScapes volunteers are often on the frontlines of removing litter and manmade debris, often congregated by floodwater, from the natural environment. Photos below are just a selection taken from cleanups conducted in 2019.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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