‘CleanScapes’ debuts new logo

We’re excited to announce an update!

CleanScapes is proud to announce we have a brand new logo.

While Clinton County CleanScapes is the title affiliated with our official, federally recognized Employer Identification Number (EIN), we’ve come to realize that it does not demonstrate all of our work.

“Clinton County CleanScapes” does not reflect our Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful affiliation agreement or our service area, which includes both Clinton and Lycoming Counties.

To clarify this situation, we have modified our logo and shortened our common-use name to “CleanScapes.”

We will still operate officially under the original name of “Clinton County CleanScapes,” but hope this rebranding to “CleanScapes will help increase Lycoming County citizen awareness and participation, and assist in building new partnerships. 

We hope you like this new logo, which includes Keystone shaped figures to represent our affiliation with Keep PA beautiful and our dedicated volunteers.

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