July 21, 2018 River Cleanup Cancelled

Clinton County CleanScapes has announced the cancellation of the July 21, 2018, Bald Eagle Creek cleanup.

The decision is based on not locating one site that has at least 35 tires in one location.

“Sorry for this delay in news, but I was hopeful,” said Project Director Elisabeth Lynch McCoy. “In the last 3 weeks I visited 3 sites and even though our 2011 survey stated there were tires there I did not find the amount we had originally seen or I could not see the bottom of the deep pools. (The tires either floated downstream or are currently buried and will reemerge after another high water event.)”

McCoy reported she visited a final site during her surveys which should have at least 35 tires present, but was unable to see the bottom of the large, deep pool just below the Beech Creek confluence.

I’m very excited for our Sept. 8 West Branch Susquehanna River cleanup (Colebrook and Bald Eagle Townships),” McCoy said. “When the water height drops, Steve Bason and I will perform a tire survey between his property and work upriver.”

Additional event details will be announced as they become available and can be found at any time here.

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