Our Board

Clinton County CleanScapes, a 501(c)3 nonprofit community service organization, is governed by an Advisory Board of Directors.

Due to COVID-19, the CleanScapes Board has suspended meetings, and an announcement will be made when meetings resume. Board meetings are typically held the third Thursday of each month (except December) at 3:30 p.m. and are open to the public. Effective May 17, 2018, our meetings will be held at the Piper Building, 2 Piper Way, Lock Haven, PA 17745, in the first floor Conference Room. The Piper Building is accessible to persons with disabilities. For additional information contact CleanScapes at 570-726-3511.


Dr. John Reid, President

CleanScapes President Dr. John Reid has been teaching physics at Lock Haven University since 1997.  An avid hiker and fly fisherman, Dr. Reid has an affinity for the many beautiful trout streams in Central PA and has fished many of them.  He and his wife love to hike the trails in the area and in the summer the couple often bikes the Pine Creek Rail Trail.  In the winter, they sometimes snow shoe.  Throughout the year Dr. Reid loves to explore the woods with a good friend.  Along with the great beauty of the woods, he has come across much wildlife, including bears, deer and bobcat, as well as ghost towns and other remnants from the past.  It is Dr. Reid’s great love for these things that motivated him to become active in Clinton County CleanScapes.

Gregory Delker, Vice President

Lycoming County resident Gregory Delker serves as Vice President of the CleanScapes Board of Directors and can often be found actively engaged during CleanScapes cleanup events, donning a “Safety Captain” vest. Professionally, Delker is a scuba instructor at Sunken Treasure Scuba Center (STSC) in Jersey Shore. In 2011 STSC received recognition for 30 years as a PADI Training Facility and its second PADI Americas Project AWARE International Marine Environmental Award. That same year, Delker received PA Cleanways Northcentral Volunteer of the Year award for his years of collecting and removing tires and other debris from the Susquehanna River. STSC is an invaluable CleanScapes partner; STSC employees and students often aid in the cleanup efforts – diving down into the rivers and creeks to pull up otherwise unreachable debris. Learn more about STSC here.

Colleen Xethakis-Lacy, Secretary/Treasurer

CleanScapes Secretary/Treasurer Colleen Xethakis-Lacy grew up on a farm throwing trash into sinkholes and covering it with a bulldozer.  After going through nursing training and working as a nurse for five years, Colleen went back to school to attain an accounting degree and graduated summa cum laude. Her specialty was helping businesses get started and helping existing businesses get out of the red.  Widowed, Colleen raised two children on her own. In the late 1980s, Colleen began working at the Wayne Township Landfill (where she met her current husband, Gerry Lacy). The couple managed the landfill, and Colleen also served as the Clinton County Recycling Coordinator. This experience helped Colleen to learn better ways to handle garbage than what she had known from childhood. Colleen and Gerry spent many years hunting and fishing, riding horses in the mountains, and savoring moments outdoors. Several years ago, the couple retired early and adopted their young daughter, Alyssa. Today, the family enjoys their CleanScapes outings, and helping to make the environment safer for future generations.

Mala Moore

Mala Moore serves as board member for Clinton County CleanScapes. She and her husband raised four children on a small farm in Loganton.  She enjoys all types of outdoor activity cross-county skiing, biking, walking, but most of all horseback riding with her two grown daughters.  She also has five grandchildren. On the farm she tends to a garden, makes hay for the three horses, and takes care of one dog named Bo and six cats. She always keeps a backpack with a plastic bag for picking up litter.  She especially enjoys CleanScapes clean-ups, which leave her feeling with a sense of accomplishment. Mala believes God created a beautiful world that should be respected and enjoyed by all.

Dave Evers Jr.

Dave Evers Jr. is president of Evers Construction and senior partner at Evers & Winner LLC. He has served on the CleanScapes board for several years and brings his professional experience to the cleanup crews. Evers, who was brought to love the outdoors at a very early age, thanks his mom and especially his dad who always took him hunting and fishing. As a teen Evers learned to hike and backcountry camp by himself. Today, he spends as much time in the woods as possible, when work allows it. It is his deep love for the outdoors that brought him to CleanScapes. The outdoors is our greatest artwork to watch and play in, and we as humans tend to destroy that with our waste, Evers believes. He finds he is able to give back to the outdoors by being a small part of the CleanScapes board, to inspire and provide a playground for the future generations.

Mike Hoy

Mike Hoy was born and raised in the Lock Haven area.  After graduating from Muhlenberg College in 1962 he joined the family men’s clothing business and was a part of that business until he closed the business in 1996 due to the change in the business climate in Lock Haven.  After a short stint in automobile sales Hoy joined the staff of PennDOT District 2 in Clearfield.  Hoy traveled throughout the nine counties of the district giving safety programs in schools, senior centers, family centers as well as working with various police departments until he retired in 2005.  Upon retirement he has volunteered with different organizations in the Lock Haven area.

Les Kleckner

Les Kleckner retired from teaching 33 years ago and retired from the U.S. Military 47 years ago. An academic scholar for 20 years, Les received his Bachelor of Science degree from Lock Haven State College, now Lock Haven University; his M.S. from the University of Illinois; and his educational doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University, in addition to studying at Universal Life University, University of San Francisco, Valdosta State, Kent State, Michigan State, the U.S. Army Engineering School, Army General School and Army Infantry School. In addition to having his research published, Les has been listed in various publications, including “The Dictionary of America Scholars”, “Who’s Who in the East”, and “Community Leaders of America.” He is a long-time member of several alumni and civic associations, including Sigma Pi and Phi Delta Kappa, and in 2014 he received the Outstanding Volunteer Award from Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited Inc. for roughly 40 years of volunteer service to the organization.

LaKeshia Knarr

LaKeshia Knarr serves as the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Director for the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., a nonprofit organization working to marry conservation and economic development within the Pennsylvania Wilds region by promoting it as a premier outdoor recreation destination. Prior, LaKeshia worked in communications at another nonprofit and also served as a staff reporter at a daily paper. LaKeshia is passionate about the natural environment and the arts, and has spent several years volunteering marketing and grant writing services for local organizations to help them develop new programming and outreach initiatives. In her free time, LaKeshia can be found spending time with her husband, Tony, and their family of cats. She enjoys reading, hiking, kayaking, working on art projects and traveling.

Toby Boyer

Toby Boyer serves as the Watershed Specialist and Education Coordinator at the Clinton County Conservation District (CCCD). He graduated from Lycoming College in 2017 with a B.S. degree in Ecology and a minor in Environmental Services. Toby worked for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as a Fisheries Biologist Aide for two seasons prior to getting the job with the CCCD. An avid outdoorsman, Toby loves to hunt, fish, and enjoy the wild places of PA. He is very passionate about preserving the natural places left in the state and is an advocate for conservation and environmental sustainability.

Christian Dwyer

Christian Dwyer is a Clinton County native who is passionate about the natural environment. Dwyer earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Lock Haven University and enjoys participating in Clinton County CleanScapes’ efforts to cleanup waste from the landscape.


Scott Koser

Scott Koser served on the CleanScapes board for 10 years. Employed by the Clinton County Conservation District, Scott currently serves as Roads & Ag Technician. Scott is an avid fisherman who enjoys fishing the Susquehanna River and many of its large tributaries. His love of the river is one of the reasons Scott is so passionate about river cleanups that CleanScapes organizes. Scott also manages a small farm in Nippenose Valley and is committed to educating the public on conservation techniques used in farming as well as conservation of our soil and water resources through the practices of land stewardship.

Jane Darrow

Jane Darrow lives in Clinton County near Pine Creek with her husband where they have raised two sons. She is retired from her career as a teacher at Immaculate Conception School in Bastress. Although Jane has retired from teaching, she keeps busy pursuing business interests, gardening, hiking, traveling and spending time with her four grandchildren. Always a lover of the outdoors, Jane participated in her first cleanup with Clinton County CleanScapes in 2006 on Pine Creek. She found the results of a group of people working together to remove piles of debris from her beloved creek to be very rewarding and has continued to work with the group, now serving on the board. CleanScapes provides a way for her to show stewardship to this beautiful area.